Are you rare on animal jam?

There are many clever jammer all across Jamaa, but are you one of them.What is a clever jammer? A jammer with wise decisions that is happy and knows how to act.

Do you think that you are rare on Animal Jam or not? Are you a fair trader, or maybe you are a scaler that wants many items for him/herself? Or you are just a jammer that needs some help?Find out what kind of jammer you are in this quiz!

Created by: Flora Cutegirl
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  1. How many rares do you have?
  2. How many rares do you have?
  3. If your best friend gets an item you always wanted, you...
  4. Have you ever met a popular jammer?
  5. Do you collect items with other colors?
  6. If someone comes to your den (extremely rare with a spike and a headdress),and tells you that if you traded them your Rare Bow and Arrows for a mat and after they will give you a black long for it, you...
  7. What would you scale?
  8. What do you think of yourself on AJ?
  9. Do you play adventures?
  10. LAST QUESTION:Which of the following trades looks fair to you? (both trade parts can be unfair)

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Quiz topic: Am I rare on animal jam?