are you racist?

many people are racist, meaning they judge people on their race (white, black, Asian, etc.) ARE YOU RACIST?! take this quiz and find out! good luck!

ARE YOU RACIST! find out within like a minute! when you're done please rate and comment positively and check out my other quizzes. thank you :):):):)

Created by: yeahbuddy

  1. do u ever use black colored pencils with white wood where the lead is and it says made in china?
  2. have you ever judged someone because of their race?
  3. do you imitate people of other races?
  4. do you say the "n" word a lot?
  5. if someone of your type, and of a different race asked you out, what would you say
  6. how many friends of a different race do u have?
  7. if ur family adopted a kid of a different race what would you do?
  8. do you ever compare black people to poop?
  9. if a little girl of a different race came up to ur house trying to sell girl scout cookies what would you do (hobos imagine u have a home)
  10. do u ever tell off racists?
  11. have you ever said to a person of a different race "WELL ATLEAST IM NOT (their race) LIKE YOU!"

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Quiz topic: Am I racist?