The Rachel Dolezal Challenge

With the media being in an uproar over this whole changing of race debate that has been talked about the past fews days, I thought it would be a nice quiz to put out there to check one's blackness.

Who is considered black? What is being black all about? What is the black experience like? Are we treated differently? What if we could change races for a week?

Created by: Me
  1. Before Lucious Lyon, Who was Taraji P. Henson's on screen love interest?
  2. How many slits does bologna get?
  3. What doesn't burn in the kitchen?
  4. Which of the following is NOT an acceptable nickname?
  5. Which one of these Characters does not belong?
  6. Drifting on
  7. Which one is the best flavor of Kool Aid?
  8. Which one was NOT Tommy's Job status? (Choose all that apply)
  9. My favorite Jodeci song is
  10. Which one is NOT a song by the Five Heartbeats?
  11. You give one of your friends a ride somewhere far and "out of your way". In return, they give you five dollars. What do you do?
  12. I'd like to first thank God
  13. In the movie "Juice", the Character "Steele" does the following:
  14. Which of the following applies to hair care?
  15. My Church has a building fund that always seems to be empty.
  16. The one day that church is always guaranteed to be packed:
  17. Who killed R. Kelly in the down low series?
  18. Where did "Quick" shoot "Vera"?
  19. As a child, the most important thing you were told to stay out of was
  20. Who lived on the 5th floor?

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