Are You Puerto Rican Enough??

There are many Puerto Ricans, but few in the U.S.A. Puertoricans are unique and awesome. a puertorican is a sexy angel brought to earth to show people how it's truly done and to help other people be more like us because they probably do.

Are you a Puerto Rican? DO you have the angel puertorican in you to fly away? Well when you take this quiz you will find out, it only takes a few minutes and can tell you every thing, and when you do you can find out that any puertorican is gonna love you.

Created by: puertoricanboy4sho
  1. Are you Puertorican??
  2. Can you sing or dance REGGAETON??
  3. Have you dated a lot of people in your school year?
  4. Are you proud of being puertorican??
  5. Can you speak spanglish(spanish/english)??
  6. Are you a person who lies??
  7. You cool??
  8. Do people want to be with you??
  9. Do you love pets?
  10. Have you been to Puerto Rico??

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Quiz topic: Am I Puerto Rican Enough??