Are you pretty ?

I hate typing in these so I will say it says if your beautiful or not that's all I'll just be awkwardly random. There's so many fine fine woman that my head is spinning!!

Again ackward. Yeah yeah yeah yeah comment comment!! I came to fly to conver to fly came to win survive to flyyyyy to flyyyyyy!!!!!! I lOve niki!

Created by: Lil hihi
  1. Do you do your hair? (brushing counts)
  2. Do you wear makeup
  3. Do you brush your teeth?
  4. Do you shower at least 3 times a week?
  5. Has someone ever said you look pretty today! Or you look cute! Anything??
  6. How much time no spend getting ready In all
  7. Do you care about appearance??
  8. Did you ever have a boyfriend??
  9. How does your face look?
  10. Do you smile a lot
  11. Do you check on your hair oftenly
  12. How is your body?
  13. What do you do when you get a huge stain

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Quiz topic: Am I pretty ?