Are You Pretty? :)

there are may pretty people but few are verry pretty see how pretty you are in this quiz x you may be pretty you may be ugly dont be afraid to show yourself in public and dont show off if you do doo verry well thanx again x

are you pretty do you have the power to get boyfrieds like that you wonder until now take this quiz ad it will tell you how pretty you are x thankyou for taking this quiz i really apprieciate this haha x

Created by: brooke

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Do You Think Yourself As ?
  2. When Was The Last Time You Had A Bf
  3. What Is Your Teeth Like ?
  4. What Colour Hair ?
  5. How Much Make-up Do You Wear ?
  6. How Much Do You Weigh
  7. Why Are You Taking This Quiz
  8. What Do People Think Of You
  9. How Many Friennds Do You Have
  10. What Colour Eyes

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Quiz topic: Am I Pretty? :)