Are you Prepared to Become a Werewolf?

Werewolves. Humans who become wolves or wolf men at will. Right now we will be focusing on the wolf shifter type, rather than the wolf man, or lycan, type.

So you want to be a werewolf? This quiz will tell you whether you are ready to become one. Answer honestly, and remember: Nothing is impossible! Good luck!

Created by: Larentia Mistmoon
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  1. Do you love/relate to wolves?
  2. Do you want to be a wolf?
  3. What is your relationship with nature?
  4. How do animals like you?
  5. What is your view on eating meat?
  6. Imagine your happy place. It is:
  7. You look into a magickal looking glass that shows you your soul. You see:
  8. You enter a mystical garden. What do you investigate?
  9. What colour would your wolf's pelt be?
  10. And how about eyes?
  11. How would you see if somebody is good enough for your werewolf pack?
  12. Where would you claim as a territory?
  13. What is the leader of your pack called?
  14. Fill in the blank: A werewolf is...
  15. Choose a pack name that sounds the best.
  16. How will you become a werewolf?
  17. Why do you believe werewolves are real?
  18. What is important in a werewolf spell?
  19. Name the thing that is true of werewolves.
  20. How will you deal with the first shift?
  21. Fill in the blank: "From the circle of life, to ______"
  22. Your pack's territory smells of other werewolves!
  23. As a werewolf, you will...
  24. I wish you good luck. Before you go, say your method of changing.

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Quiz topic: Am I Prepared to Become a Werewolf?