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  • @Ray Gao-that's your OPINION! Everyone's entitled to one as that's what the USA is founded on. And there's no need to cuss someone out.

    Anywho-I got Really Popular! This is very true, although I don't have a BFF strictly by choice. XD I'm very pleased with my decision. :)

  • NERD! That's good. I wouldn't be cought dead being a popular or jock :P. Clothes,make-up, sports all bore me to death.I like how the results didn't put down nerds BD.A little stereotypical in the answers though. Like instead of my calculator, I'd rather have my books if I could bring one thing.

  • You Are Really Popular

    Your outgoing, friendly, and a social butterfly. A lot of people enjoy your company even if you don't know it. As long as you stay the way you are you will be know and liked by everyone!!!

    Okay then ._. Being a nerd isn't a bad thing at all though. At all.

  • I'm really popular?? Okaayyy? @roseybrunnette You're right everyone is entitled to an opinion so if this guy or girl wnats to cuss someone out thats very much their business, unless you are the one being cussed out...which was NOT the case so shut up...

  • I'm not a boy, not popular,and not sporty. -_- and isn't there a difference between being unpopular and a nerd?

  • Good, I'm popular. Oh yeah, @booknerd224, sports are awesome, not boring, and go to hell.

    Ray Gao
  • Im a popular boy? Im a nerd, a girl, and im not very good at sports...


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