Are you popular (New and improved)

There is many people in the world, however, in school everyone is fighting for the place to be at the top spot. The popular person. So do you think you are the person that will top the charts?

Are YOU popular? Do you really think so? Find out with this very short quiz that will tell in you popular you are and what you might avoid, or try to do.:D?

Created by: Kate
  1. How many times a day does your phone ring?
  2. When you step into school what happens?
  3. Do you care about how you look for school.
  4. There is a big party at school,but it's today,and you're not ready.What do you do?
  5. At the school disco,there is a girl/boy with the same clothes like you. You see them and...
  6. Do you put make-up on for school?If you're a boy,do you put hair gel on and make yourself look cool?
  7. How many friends do you have?
  8. How is your mood for most of the day?
  9. What would be your favorite thing to do,when chilling out?
  10. Who would you like to be when you're older? Or who you already are.
  11. What are you best at?
  12. If you won any competitions what was it for?
  13. Who are you known as in school?
  14. Is this the last question?

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Quiz topic: Am I popular (New and improved)