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  • I got I am popular when I should've got sort of popular 😂

    Laurenxp Nov 25 '16, 5:08PM
  • I'm/not popular that's true

    Saplings Jun 28 '15, 9:08AM
  • i got you are popular.WHAT im not popular but i get more popular every year

    united states Jun 2 '13, 9:59AM
  • thank yooh!

    h20nicki Nov 9 '11, 9:01PM
  • I got Sort of Popular, and you said to be nicer, but all your choices that would have gotten you the result "Popular" are all about being mean!

    LittleMissMusic Mar 6 '08, 8:38PM
  • Your Result: You are Sort of Popular...

    You are quite popular, but not as popular as the people who are liked and admired by everyone. You've got a good amount of friends, but not a bunch. To improve your popularity, try to be nicer and make more friends.

    Rockstar Mar 6 '08, 6:05PM

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