Are you polite or rude?

There are many polite people and many rude people, too. A polite person is someone who respects each others; who has a good heart.

Are you rude or polite? If you do this quiz you will find out your answer. Be honest when choosing the options, you shouldn't lie. If you do, answers won't be accurate.

Created by: Ana y Rena of edmodo
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  1. You are crossing the street and you see that a blind needs help to cross it. Do you...?
  2. You are playing a game. And your friend is losing. Do you...?
  3. you are in a market and there is a long queue. Do you...?
  4. You are in a cafe and the waiter doesn´t come. Do you...?
  5. You are in a church and your phone Is making noises. Do you?
  6. You are in the class and your teacher is talking and you want to say something to your friend. Do you...?
  7. You are in the srteet and an old man drops money. Do you...?
  8. You have a computer that is from your friend. Do you...?
  9. You are in the street and person Shout to you a bad word. Do you...?
  10. The teacher enters to your class And you are not sitting well. Do you..?

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Quiz topic: Am I polite or rude?