Are you okay?

There is no trick to this. Both results are really funny, so please, just do it. C'mon, stick with me. I luv ya. Y'all make me scream. Punch, punch, punch.

Hey, baby, baby, baby, put on your mascara, don't take the stair(s)-a, baby, baby, baby...Justin Beiber is a worm. This is an undisputed fact. Don't fight me on this.

Created by: Zoe
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you okay?
  2. Did you start out okay?
  3. Bwahahahahaha!
  4. Taco.
  5. White or black?
  6. I just had an enema.
  7. Fish or lizard?
  8. Wham Bam!
  9. Hunger Games or Divergent?
  10. What do you think would make a better display to light someone on fire with?

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Quiz topic: Am I okay?