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  • I love Jimin [81%] , I would be willing to risk my life for him. He saved my life , he made me realize so many things and showed me how beautiful are the things that surrounds me. I love every single bit of of his imperfections and damn I cany even get him out of my mind. Everything reminds me of him even my dog LOL (my dogs name is jimin). He was stuck on my mind 24/7. I always gets jealous for unknown reasons and believe me its driving crazy . There were times that I would cry really hard everytime I listen to sad songs cause it reminds me of him.

    • I love Jimin too.....that is so strange, because I just felt this exact feeling. My heart even hurt with how much I love him...holy shet, this is strange as hell! My obsession is nonexistent and I score 37%, so pretty low. My advice for you would be to try to do other things other than thinking about BTS. Give it a break. Go do nice activities with you friends, spend time with your family, listen to music that is not BTS or Kpop. Do things you love, like a hobby, for example. We both dont know each other, but I can guarantee you. This experience was out of this world. Seeing your comment talking about Park Jimin from BTS, the idol that I and ARMY so love, right at this moment. Does it mean something? Did destiny want me to see this, like at this very moment? Im so confused.

      Anyway, let Jimin and BTS be happy. Dont be jealous with them, they have their own life and its their choices that matter. You would not like someone to point what you have to do or what you cant do. So let them be. Thank you for being an ARMY and supporting BTS.....or Jimin if youre just a one stan. Have a good day

  • It says I'm 63% obsessed with him, (ahem Jungkook) but I dream of him everyday, have many of merch and have my profile picture of him, fangirl about him everyday and I talk about him at least once everyday. (not to mention he's the only reason I want to read) Right now, i am streaming his song "still with you" on repeat, it's so good he's so adorable... the lyrics is so sad I want to cry lol I have a pillow of him btw :) I love so much it sometimes hurts me that I'll never get close to him or let him know that I love him. I know I seem crazy but I just can't get enough of him it's driving me insane. Sometimes I just want to cry because you know you want to get close to the person you love but, it's different, he's a celeb and I am just a normal girl. We live in different countries too and I have absolutely no chance. Please tell me this is just a crush, it breaks my heart to think I can never even say hi to him. He made me love my own skin, I used to hate being Asian but now, realizing how beautiful people can be made me have hope for myself. Am I crazy or creepy because I think of him like this? I feel like i'm violating his personal space. Anyways, thank you, Jungkook.

  • It says I'm 91% in love with him, I had no idea how to answer the last question, I've never watched the Titanic lol. I am obsessed with Jimin from BTS, he is just so freaking perfect. I feel like I got to a point where my obsession is messing with my head, like I get dreams about him a few times a week. Usually we deam about the things we see every day and since I only watch videos with him that's what happens. Don't get me wrong, I loveeee it! But I feel like this is not normal lmao

    • I like Jimin as well.

      If you feel strong jealousy from that sentence, it's a bit too obsessive in my opinion.

      If you feel jealousy, but still try to accept the answer, it means you still have a good grasps of reality.

      If you feel slight jealousy, but you also feel happy that others also like your idol, then congratulations.

      Your feelings for him is healthy and by no means obsessive.

      It's okay to like your idol and play some imaginative scenario in your mind.

      Let's admit it, almost every girl do that with their celebrity crush.

      The most important thing, is that you can still differentiate reality and imagination.

      Understand that there are low chance of your imagination ever becoming true.

      Even if you live in the same town as them, even if you know about them...

      to them, you're still a stranger. A fan of theirs. Someone they don't really know about.

      There are lines we should not cross over while liking our celebrity crush.

      Because when you did, it means you are invading their private space.

      It's disrespectful and sometimes, it can turn into crazy obsession.

  • I scored 69%...I am think I am a bit different because I am obsessed with a group of Kpop idols, its EXO and SHINee...I got different obsession and crushes over them, currently, I am obsessed with DO of EXO, also Kai and Baekhyun...they are 24 hours in my head, I wonder some time if this is harmful, some time I feel bad about it, but some time I am happy, specially when there is dream about them, usually I write it down and start obsessing hard over the dream and them, also I pray for them and always fantasize that they and me are in this normal lol I don't know

  • It says Im 50% in love with him, I just didnt choose the creepy answers. My celeb crush is Jack Dylan grazer he is just so funny and cute and he likes memes he also skates and has freckles and curls and I just love him so much

  • I love Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes... I scored a 72% on the quiz, but the problem is that the Chicago Bears QB Mitch Trubisky is super hot too, but not as successful. Mahomes won the Super Bowl as of 2019-2020. Super nice, talented, cute guy.

  • I got 83% and I am in love with Jimin from BTS, Taehyung from BTS, Junhee from A.C.E, Yuchan from A.C.E, and Huening Kai from TXT. Im not a sasaeng or anything tho. I just love them a lot and I know a lot about them from reading facts about them. But I'm not gonna go and stalk them or follow them or anything. That crosses the line from 'celebrity crush' to 'celebrity stalker'.

  • I am totally in LOVE with young Leonardo DiCaprio. I should probably get professional help. I thought it was creepy that you mentioned titanic in the quiz. I would never let go

  • I think i am rlly rlly rlly in love with Huening Kai tho... I keep having dreams about him. The other night, I had a dream where I walked past him and smiled, and he smiled at me back and waved. <3 I feel really happy thinking about that dream for some reason. Lol...

  • I have a Terrible crush on Shane Dawson. Yes,I know he's Bi so call me a freak cuz I still think he's really adorable! (also I'm several years old than him)P.S.I do feel bad for Lisa though..

  • This is incorrect. Apparently I'm 34% in love with Onision. This is untrue, more like 100%, he's the sexiest cutest funniest guy ever. Too bad he's 30 and I'm 13..

  • I scored a 46% for Shayne Topp who i"m kinda obsessed with. I dont know why but I like his funny personality. Hes also kinda cute. I probably wont ever meet or see him In person which makes me a little sad but it's ok because I'll probably find another person who may not be a celebrity to fall in love with.

  • 94% it's real and true...I'm in madly love with Karan Kundrra [ACTOR] I really love this guy more than my own life. He is so sweet and cute. He likes my all msgs. He is not just a star. He is the man who is loved by Everyone and who always loves his fan. I love him so much

  • I had the biggest crush on Winona Ryder for so long it says Im only 61% in love with her. I wish I could meet her one day my life would be complete

  • My love is Kate Winslet (80%)- and you refer to Titanic in your questions! I am officially freaked out!!!

  • I am 15% obsessed with Ralph macchio the most handsome, hottest thing alive (well mostly when he was younger 1980-1992)

  • I am dating Victoria justice

  • I am only 57% obsessed with my Favorite WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose wow would have guessed 100%

    • it says i am 97% in love with aidan gallagher! its just staing facts lol

  • i L O V E Alec Benjamin, he's so cute ;)

    Suh Dude
  • The Titanic was sooo sad !!! Great quiz .

  • 95% it's real and true...I'm in love with Billy UNGER [LAB RATS ACTOR]I really love this guy more than my own life

  • 95% it's real & true...I'm so in love with BILLY UNGER [LAB RAT ACTOR ] I really love this guy more than my own life

  • I just love him..god, he is the cutest, handsome-est and hottest person in the warllddddd..He is...Zayn Malik

  • I'm 44% obsessed with Payton Moormeier. Lmao

  • I'm 99 wooh I'm obsessed with gong yoo (Korean sexy actor)


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