Are you normal?

Normality. Something mankind has always pondered over. Is normality a thing? Will any human being ever accomplish such a goal as being completely and utterly normal?

Hehe. This reminds me of an episode of SpongeBob. The most educational show ever. XD The lesson? Being normal is totally weird. Don't be normal. :D

Created by: ilovepuppyz
  1. Hm... Thoughts on normality?
  2. Is normality normal?
  3. Have you ever noticed that if you say normal over and over it stops sounding like a word?
  4. Are you weird?
  5. Are you crazy?
  6. Are you insane?
  7. Are you out of your mind?
  8. Are you mentally unstable?
  9. Do you realize that I literally just repeated myself five times?
  10. Well, are you normal?

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Quiz topic: Am I normal?