Are You A Normal Howrse Player?

So there are three kinds of Howrse players- the normal ones, the slightly abnormal ones and EXTREMELY bizarre ones. You may think you;re normal or you may think you're not. But are you even either one?

Until this moment you probably didn't even know that there were abnormal and normal players but that goes to show you... that I made that up. =] Nevertheless, here it is... "Are YOU a NORMAL Howrse player?"

Created by: TheBookOfHowrse
  1. What do you mainly breed? (If you breed more than one kind, then which do you like best?)
  2. If you could add one of the most common asked for sets of things to Howrse (Which you aren't allowed to ask for in the Ideas Forum) which of these sets would you add?
  3. What do you think of crossbreeds?
  4. Do you breed unicorns?
  5. Do you accept random friend requests?
  6. How often do you congratulate players?
  7. Do you buy passes?
  8. Do you invite random PMs?
  9. Are you in any kind of breeding projects, either with yourself or others? (i.e. a breeding group, partners with someone, or a breeding project you've named and planned yourself but have no one else involved in.)
  10. (This does not effect) Are you going to rate or comment on this? =]
  11. (Does not effect) Did you enjoy this quiz?
  12. (Does not effect) Have you ever been to the Howrse Help website, The Book Of Howrse, who "made" this quiz for it's Quiz Corner?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Normal Howrse Player?