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This quiz is for people who are confused about their gender identity and don’t feel that they conform to either sex. I still recommend doing more research about it and find other non-binary people and ask them about their experiences.

This was made by a non-binary person, and I know the struggle of finding your true self. I am still on that journey but I wanted to help others find themselves.

Created by: Greysin
  1. Do you feel comfortable presenting as your given gender?
  2. Do you dress like your given gender, opposite gender, or baggy clothes to hide your body?
  3. Do you feel comfortable with people using your birth pronouns? EX: he/him she/her
  4. Do you actively bind (females) or hide your genitals (male)?
  5. Do you feel happy when people can’t tell your gender (EX: “Here uh, ma’am? Sir?”
  6. Have you explored being trans but it didn’t feel right?
  7. Have you ever googled the meaning of non-binary and instantly identified with it?
  8. Have you ever looked at someone with a seemingly genderless figure and wished you had that?
  9. Do you wish your birth name was more neutral or do you like it?
  10. Finally, have you done research on the term “Non-binary” but still do not know/ want to confirm it?

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