Which Of My Warriors OCs Are You?(Both Toms and She-Cats)

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Hi! I apologize in advance to all of the non-binary/genderqueer quiztakers here! All of my results are either male or female. I also apologize to anyone who receives a result that is opposite to your actual gender.

The possible results are Duskwillow, Russetflame, Icehope, Shadetear, Mintfall, Dawnpool, and Flamestep. Are you reserved and intelligent? Friendly and kind? Shy and curious? Omniverted and helpful? Sarcastic and antisocial? Outgoing and motherly? Or are you serious and independent? If you are any of these, then one of the results should fit you fairly well. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Cinnamon_Roll

  1. What's your gender? (I'm sorry if your non-binary/genderqueer because I don't have any results that match those genders! I also apologize in advance if you get a result that is opposite of your gender)
  2. What color fur do you have?
  3. Color eyes?
  4. Your friends would describe you as which of the following?(If none fit you, then please choose one that fits you best)
  5. Choose another one, but this time, how would you describe yourself?(And these are sentences, not words)
  6. Which clan is your favorite?
  7. Please don't kill me, but- favorite color? *hides behind Tigerstar(the original)*
  8. Which of these songs fits your personality or the things you're going through the most?
  9. Choose a name prefix
  10. Choose a name suffix

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Quiz topic: Which Of My Warriors OCs am I?(Both Toms and She-Cats)