Are you night or day person

There are night people and day people hopefuly this quiz will help you detemin what and who you are. This quiz is just for fun, dont let it take over your life!

Take this great quiz and you'll know for forever and always that you are a day or night person. This quiz will help you deside when to plan stuff, and what type of friends,girlfriends, or boyfriends to have. Its like your life been refreshed after you take this quiz, im telling you it makes a differnce.

Created by: Dani

  1. Pick your favorit Animal out of the 4.
  2. What are you most likly to do on a friday or saterday night?
  3. When did you or will you start drinking?
  4. What will you most likly wear to a party?
  5. What are you most likey to do at a party?
  6. What type of party will you mosty likely go to?
  7. What kind of video games do you like?
  8. Why are you taking this quiz?
  9. When do you do your homework?
  10. In collage when do you take most of your classes?

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Quiz topic: Am I night or day person