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  • rvelez,there are such thing as nerds because I got nerd myself. And I am a nerd. I'm a nerd in many things. That is quite offensive, since nerds DO exist. Albert ENstien, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin...they're all counted as nerds. Do you say they don't exist? And there are 4 types of clouds, not 3, quizmaker...SOfia?

  • dude, Me thinks rvelez needs to get off the matteress and remove the pea because i have took a millon quizzzes like this and i have all way gotten nerd and popular. both. and i am sorta nerd sotra popular all my friends say i am nerd and quizzes all say i am popular except for one. Nerds do exist if they did not We would not have techolgy like computers and phones. so be thankful for nerds revlez.

  • I got mysterious :)

  • Populars aren't lame!!!! They r better then everyone cuz it's fun 2 have more friends!!!

  • Yes!*cheers*I'm normal.Popular's are lame and nerds don't exist.Yup...I said it:P


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