Are You My Type ( GUYS ONLY )

this a quiz for guys only,just to point that out.and why do we need to wright a 2 paragraph description no one even bothers to read it any more . sigh bleep blap bloop

well mos guys who like me ask thier friends to ask my friends if thier my type soooo...... i made this quiz that and i was bored but any ways good luck and answer honestly plz comment

Created by: Cherryflower

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you look for in a girl
  2. are you a playa
  3. what is your idea of a perfect date
  4. do you judge people by thier apperance
  5. do you judge people by thier apperance
  6. (stupid question) whats yer favorite color
  7. do you like to laugh and or make people laugh
  8. you like girls who are....
  9. your dating a girl and you really like herbut your friends dont like her what do you tell your friends
  10. (ik people find this question annoying but ill ask it anyways) how did you like this quiz
  11. rate or comment

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Quiz topic: Am I My Type ( GUYS ONLY )