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  • got 83%! yeah!! i guess.. anyway really idk if thats good or bad, no offense, anyway, its me, wiiwii, remember, the guy u yelled at through your comment from, would i date you??\

    anyway, fyi that description i typed was a lie, im 13 and i LOVE animals, i hate sports(LIKE 95% HATE THEM) and i dont have big muscles, that is a lie, im no weakling, don't get me wrong, but im, like you, i LOVE animals, if u read this, respond on 1 of my quizzes,

    would i date you??
    do you have smarts?

  • 58%, i scored a high-ish score, so said the creater, it cracked me up, good one! Uh, and yes people these days do act rather wierd but what can we do? Ok quiz. Oh yeah, about that soul mate thing, am i in? Lol. JOKES

  • I took it and I scored 67% People do change drastically

  • Only if you get a 100 ;p

  • 75% i guess thats pretty high! btw, am i your soulmate (joke)

    lightning fur

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