Are you mortal, demigod, or god?

Mortal, demigod, Or god? Mosy people are mortal, some are demigods, but/and some are gods/godess. A personality quiz is all it takes to see, find, and figure out!

Are YOU mortal? Are YOU demigod? Are YOU god? Can YOU see through the Mist? Find answers to all of those questions in this spectacular quiz! Take it today!

Created by: Annie

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  1. Have you ever seen celestrial bronze?
  2. Do you like to eat nectar and ambrosia?
  3. have you ever experenced de-javu?
  4. Do you have a weird friend?
  5. Have you ever fought anyone?
  6. When a series of storms come, do you se a storm?
  7. Do you know what all of theese earthquakes mean?
  8. Have you noticed people looking like monsters?
  9. Whats you favorite jemstone?
  10. What color is your blood?

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Quiz topic: Am I mortal, demigod, or god?