Are you more like Cat or Jade

lot's of people watch victorious some people say that THIS person's like cat or THIS person is like jade. cat is silly fun and dumb, jade is goth mean and full of... i don't know

who are YOU more like jade or cat take the test to find out if your like cat dumb but funn jade mean and smart and hopefully goth not that goth though haha

Created by: Zoe'Swanna

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you think of monkeys what useful way you think their good for
  2. what do you think about horror movies
  3. how do you feel about beck
  4. if you pefer any item what will it be
  5. what do you think of your mother
  6. if you can hang out with any of these people who would it be
  7. how important is food
  8. what do you think about your father
  9. would you date Edward or Jacob
  10. if you had a choice to be goth or crazy it would be:

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Cat or Jade