are you morbidly obese

These days its hard top tell if you are really fat ot just overweight or big bones or pleasantly plump. This quiz will hep you decide if you are obses ot just a little porky.

By taking this quiz you will be able to tell anyone who asks if you are truly fat or not. So get started and remember this is all in fun and don't take it to heart.

Created by: billbobthortin
  1. do you go to the gym often
  2. do you consume more then 7,000 calorie's a day
  3. do you burn off more then 5,000 calories a day
  4. do people call you fat
  5. do people float in your gravational pull
  6. do you breath hevely when you get up to go to the kitchen
  7. do you need a fork lift to get in you car
  8. do you sit in a reinforced chair
  9. does your docter weigh you on a truck scale
  10. are you a couch potato
  11. are pissed yet
  12. do you think you are fat
  13. do you think its over

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Quiz topic: Am I morbidly obese