How fat are you? Boys aged 11-21.

You're concerned that you're a bit overweight? Or you're not sure? This quiz will give you a super accurate result, fast! It'll also tell you not only if you are overweight, but also what type of overweight which is really useful when trying to lose weight!

All you need to do is answer the questions honestly. (This quiz is completely anonymous, so don't be afraid) Just follow the instructions and you'll learn all you need to about your weight. Enjoy!

Created by: Dfellows

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  1. How much sport do you do?
  2. Has anyone ever commented on your weight?
  3. Does your belly move when you walk?
  4. How often do your family see you shirtless?
  5. What are you like in the locker room?
  6. What would you say your diet is like?
  7. What do you wear to bed?
  8. Are you happy with your body?
  9. How often do you weigh yourself?
  10. To complete the rest of the quiz, and to get the most accurate result, go to somewhere private and undress to your boxers or underwear. Have you done this?
  11. What type of underwear are you wearing?
  12. What colour is your underwear?
  13. Now look at the elastic waistband of your underwear. Does it appear stretched?
  14. Now look at your tummy. Does it have any hair on it?
  15. If you give your belly a slap, what happens?
  16. Look down. Does your belly hang over the edge of the elastic waistband of your underwear?
  17. Choose the best description for your belly.
  18. Does your belly button go in or out?
  19. Do you have any stretch marks?

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Quiz topic: How fat am I? Boys aged 11-21.