are you meant to be

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This qiuz is to see if you and a guy are meant to be be just friends or nobody's to each other take this test and see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS I'm new at this

Are you and your crush meant to be find out here now see if your soulmates friends or nobody's take this now PS I'm new at this so if you have a bad ratings let me know

Created by: audrey

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. He walksuo to you and says hey
  2. He sits next to you in class you
  3. He looks sad u
  4. If he asked u out you say
  5. He and you start going out and his ex texted him saying she wants him back
  6. True or false you'll rate me
  7. Bye
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!::
  9. What is the cuter name
  10. Cutest hair color

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Quiz topic: Am I meant to be