Are you mean or nice?

There are many nice people and sadly many mean people. A mean person is someone who doesn't care about anything/anyone except them. You will see the mean questions quite easily in the quiz.

Are YOU a meanie? Or a nicie? Until now you could only wonder. But now...take the quiz and find out!! Plus if you're mean, do not be offended please. I am just a normal person making a quiz! forgive me!!

Created by: gigga

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  1. A person tells you they love you. Like, really really REALLY love. How do you react?
  2. Your worst enemy pushes you over. What do you do to them.
  3. Someone leads you into a corner and says 'Give me all your money'. You...
  4. Someone says that your friend is a weirdo. You...
  5. Someone says they hate you. You say...
  6. You feel sick. You...
  7. Someone is smoking and you know it's bad. You..
  8. You are in a forest and your friend collapses. You...
  9. someone dies in front of you. you...
  10. you die. what do you do in heaven?

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Quiz topic: Am I mean or nice?