Are you kool-aid man?

"There has been many kool-aid men throughout the generation of kool-aid men rite now if you are truly the next one you'd be kool-aid man number 1,227 so be honored to be accepted for this job especially being in our totally awesome commercials! OH YEAH!!!!"

"Are YOU the right man or woman for this lovely job? if you think so please apply now or never get the job you were born to do all the kool- aid men in the past will help you and guide you through the job but if you truly are kool-aid man they will help you they will!!!!"

Created by: Jaky
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever worked for caprisun?
  2. do you often yell out OH YEAH!!!
  3. do you play sports?
  4. are you a giant glass pitcher full of kool-aid....that's RED!?
  5. do you often ride a skateboard?
  6. have you ever drank kool-aid???
  7. do you appreciate the old kool-aid man and respect his ways as well as our company???!!!
  8. do you like the color red???!!!
  9. do you often wear a yellow shirt and blue pants???!!!
  10. are you sure that you've never worked for any other juice companies?

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Quiz topic: Am I kool-aid man?