are you kinda stupid?

being stupd is a gift. about 67 percent of americans are not the brighttest, due to lack of money, work, and school. this qui will tell u if you are a dip, or a protigy!

ar YOU a genious? this quiz will give you the answer. maybe you are one of the 33 percent of america who is! good luck if you can spell u should be just fine!

Created by: Allison.N

  1. how do u spell "eggplant"
  2. how many toes des a horse have?
  3. do hamsters belong to there own group?
  4. where do baby`s come from?
  5. what first comes to your small mind when i say "snape"
  6. what group do you belong to?
  7. do you often call your self stupid?
  8. will potayoes rule the world?
  9. are you bored all the time.
  10. spell "potatoe"

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Quiz topic: Am I kinda stupid?