What kind of car are you??

There's not much I wanna explain in this paragraph but Imma just keep typing until that thing says 150. So what's up?? Ready to find out what kinda ca

What kinda of car should you have... or should you get?? Find out now thanks to Cosmo girl's quizbook (found at Barnes-and-Noble). Yep................

Created by: ashlythomas

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's your dream destination?
  2. Which dare would you take?
  3. What's your favorite car color?
  4. Your best friend is having a party. She asks you to:
  5. Make up is:
  6. What's your perfect workout?
  7. Those are all the Qs I need to determine your results! So lets just have fun in the mean time...
  8. Just pick one...
  9. So... what time is it where you live?
  10. You excited for school to start??
  11. Eminem or Drake?

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Quiz topic: What kind of car am I??