Are you interested in Korean culture?

IGNORE THIS Ex am p le: "T he re a re m a n y sm art pe o p le, b ut few tr u e ge nius es. Gen i u s i s , af t e r a ll , quite exc e pti onal . What is a geniu s? A genius is s omeon e who has a n ex tr aord in ari ly c le ve r mi nd, i s a b le to s o lv e c omp le x probl em s, and see the wo r ld th rou gh an en tir ely nove l po int of vie w."

IGNORE THIS TOO Edxadmple: "Are dYOUd a genius? Do yosu have dthes braisndpower to quadlify defor tdhatd fprdestigious title?d Unstil now wyous could oanlyd fwondfddsearsd. Budt tdasfhdaanssskds to tfhisds sdgraeatf quisdz,d sdin jusdawt a fewe mssdtdiesndutes ysdewou wddddsddillf fidnds out!"

Created by: M.J

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you know where Korea is?
  2. Have you ever tried Kimchi? How did it taste?
  3. How about Bibimbap?
  4. Overall thoughts of Korea?
  5. idk just pick one
  6. just pick one again it wont affect ur results
  7. u like this quiz?
  8. it actually does affect ur results fools
  9. i was kidding
  10. yay its done!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I interested in Korean culture?