are you a camel or a dromedary??¿?

Hip Hop music is part of Hip Hop culture. Rap is mainstream garbage you seen on TV and hear on the radio. Hip Hop music recognizes Hip Hop culture, and for the most part has more in depth rhyming content. You can hear lines talking about other hip hop culture parts. Rap recognizes luxury, expensive cars, big houses, women, that lifestyle. How the hell does this show graffiti, breaking, and mcing?

When you get wound up in Hip Hop (like I did :)), you start to dispise Lil Jon and his buddies and celebrate when they finally play a Ghostface or Busta Rhymes video on MTV or BET. Most Graffiti writers DO NOT listen to the mainstream (rap) stuff at all. I can't stand it now, and I couldn't stand it before I started writing. Hip Hop is intellectual and a story about the people who make it. Rap is a fake looking p--- star who is only interested in money and women.

Created by: Colleen Hanlon

  1. how many humps u got??
  2. where do u live??
  3. what is youre favourite avant-garde artistic movement of the early-to-mid 20th century
  4. how long have you bin postin in the byob
  5. pirates???..... or NINJAS????? :D
  6. favourite byob poster?
  7. how many more questions do i have to write ugh
  8. whats youre favourite colour
  9. Baby Hobo just proposed to you! What is you're reäction??
  10. last question: did you enjoy the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a camel or a dromedary??¿?