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  • I am commenting solely because there are so very many things wrong with this "test" and I feel the need to make the author aware of her own stupidity.

    1) The apples question - This question is bizarre. I have five apples. I "take away" two of them. Let's assume that that means I ate them, because what else is one to do with apples? I now have three apples remaining. The answer, however, is listed as two, which makes no sense because all of the apples were mine in the first place. I still have the other three, idiot.

    2) "A green house is made out of what?" The answer is listed as glass. Madam, are you referring to a GREENHOUSE? A compound word spelled without a space between green and house? Because a greenhouse and a green house are two entirely different things. Your answer is wrong. A green house can be made out of whatever the builder wants it to be made out of, provided that it's green.

    3) A baby is "borned." Not a word. Idiot.

    4) "If Joe digs a hole the is..." Please reread your quiz and realize that this is, yet again, written improperly.

    5) "What gets wetter the longer is dries?" Are you aware that many of your questions have stupid errors like this? The "S" and "T" key are nowhere near one another. How did this even happen?

    6) "There are 19 donuts in the donut shop. You eat 5 of the donuts. How many do you have?" Is literally impossible to answer. You're in a donut shop. You can buy as many donuts as you want. I have no idea how many donuts you have already purchased.

    7) "There are two paths you can take: Waterbury St. and Firestone Rd. Which is the road to safety?" This question is asking your opinion. It has no trick, no math, no riddle-like twist to catch. It's the dumbest of the lot.

    I would assume that someone that is presumptuous enough to write a quiz like this one would have at least a modicum of actual intelligence. Rather than test one's intellectual capabilities, this test tries patie

  • Since I answered 57% of the questions correctly, I'm not a "sore loser". However, I really do see a number of misspellings and errors in language usage. Since when is a baby borned and a greenhouse a green house? These questions also appear more like riddles than questions requiring logic and problem solving. Some of the terminology used in the sentences is deliberately misleading, which in some ways defeats the purpose of the test.

  • I hate to put this in such a caustic manner; however, it must be said. This test is incorrect. About 75 percent of the answers don't make logical sense, because they're either misspelled or represented incorrectly. So, maybe you should think twice before you tell others that they are unintelligent, because this test proves that your intelligence is below average.

    The Absolute
  • 1. Watch your typos, dude. Babies aren't 'borned'.

    2. If you think you have the right to criticize other's intelligence then you're an idiot.

    3. Greenhouse, the one with glass walls, is not spelled 'green house'. That spelling makes it a house colored green.

    4. The Waterbury question is just plain stupid. What if Waterbury was flooded, or Firestone was burnt down? What a lion was tamed, and a hamster has rabies?

    5. Get a life.

  • This quiz is fake. It says that I'm, so to say, "slow". Actually, I'm Intelligent. I was on a plane and missed starting Diision and yet I mastered Division. Clearly if you got a bad percent, Its because this person does not know what intelligent actually means. It means you can come up with answers in a short amount of time, even if you forgot to study.If you were to create a "Are you Intelligent?" quiz, you would have to be intelligent yourself.

  • I have answered all answers correctly. However, the creator of this quiz must've filled in the wrong answers for some of the questions. And the reason why I got the 'greenhouse' question wrong, is because you don't spell greenhouse with a space inbetween.

  • It was really bad quiz oh god. Well u r bad dumbI illiterate got that and mind your language so rood do u have any manners this quiz was really disgusting and ,any questions were incorrect and whatever it is it was really very bad

  • This quiz is terrible. If we are measuring intelligence perhaps an intelligent person should have made this. There were so many grammar mistakes and lots of wrong answers.

  • 71% but some of them are wrong. For example 5-2=3 not 2, at the apple questions. It says: you have 5 apples and you take away 2 (eat them, remove them, throw them etc.) look at them, are there 3 or 2?

  • U r illiterate please don't b rude

  • Sorry to say but u are dumber than a rock, most of ur questions are incorrect,*low IQ*

  • By the way, why are there 20 letters in "My mother likes to cook."?

  • After a few attempts, I finally made it!!

  • Sorry to say but pls don't give rude replies cause you said I am an illiterate which really hurted me, and for my exam I got 92/

  • Greenhouses that are made of glass are not spelled with a space in between you dumb---.

  • Didn't make me feel good about myself. 14%? I passed all my GCSE'S

    Sarah Louise
  • ugh i got 7% im in advanced classes yeah i took it again after cheating of course and got a 93% very tricky but kool at the same time oh and 5-3=2!

    vampire chick
  • 36%. haha. after looking at th eanswers i get it. this quiz was very tricky.... this is stuff ppl might wanna remember in the future, possibly, maybe,idk. =P

    Puppy xo1
  • OMG it said im extremly smart im 0% not smart wow im only 9 and im so amazingly smart!

  • I got 98% Hurrrrrrrrrrrray I m VERY lucky because i had good luck.

    Global Man
  • i got 59%

  • i like this quiz so dont be rude but i guess you have your own comments. it has 20 letter becasue thats how man y there are if you count !!!!

  • 7 % wth?

    Libra gal
  • iMPOSSiBlE!!!hUMANS !!!!


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