Are You in Love With Her?

This quiz is primarily for high school students, take the quiz to find out if you are in love with a certain girl, if you are great, ask her out, and good luck, if no well perhaps you can be just friends, but if she does not even know you exist I don't know why the hell you are taking this quiz.

Well are you in love, what the hell are you waiting for take the quiz and find out. This quiz will determine how crazy you are about her. Have Fun! If you are bored this is the quiz you need to take, I created this quiz because I was bored.

Created by: Dmitry
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you first saw her were you attracted to her?
  2. Do you think that you are in love with her, regardless of what I will tell you as the result of this quiz?
  3. How often do you think of her?
  4. What made you to fall in love with her?
  5. Did you start listening to music that has correlation with love?
  6. Does she know you exist or have you talked to her?
  7. Did you ask her out or do you have an intention to ask her out?
  8. Are you willing to pretend to like or appreciate some of the things she likes but you hate just for her?
  9. Do your friends approve of your new love?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I in Love With Her?