many people think their life is happy until they find love. but the question is are you truly in love? this quiz will help you with those questions. this is for the people who think they are, kno they are, wish they knew point of view.

are YOU in love? you can find out for yourself by taking this quiz. do you think that your true feelings will shine in this quiz? then take it and find out for yourself.

Created by: ricky

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  1. do you visualize yourself with your ex bf/gf?
  2. do you go clubbing and find an iteresting guy/girl there everyday despite the person you saw before?
  3. do you stick to one person or many at one time?
  4. with every season to you have a new guy/ girl?
  5. when your sad do you just wanna sit in one spot and think about sad things?
  6. do you cheat on a regular basis?
  7. do you wanna eat a tub of ice cream right now?
  8. would you die for the person you are or were with?
  9. do you compare yourself to the saddest person that you kno?
  10. do feel sad when you watch a ramantic movie?

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