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This quiz it to determine if you are in love!! This was made for entertainment and may not be true so dont swell on this quiz. If you are doubtful or anything then talk to your partner!

Do not take this quiz too seriously it was just for fun and is not proven to be accurate! I have made this for entertaining and for people who need to know if they love someone but it can not be 1000% accurate

Created by: Gooooooquizy

  1. are you in a relationship
  2. Do you go on dates
  3. How long have you been dating
  4. Do you think you love them
  5. How long have you known eachother
  6. What do you like about them
  7. Do your friends know about them
  8. How do your friends describe your crush/partner
  9. How long have you liked them more than a friend
  10. Do you want to be with them forever

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Quiz topic: Am I in love