Are you in love ?

I like to talk and I feel cheesy talking hope you like my quiz I might be doing a story quiz so stay tuned for it cause it could be made at any time b----

Do you think that kangaroos could could talk because I have a test coming up and I love to dance because I was born this way hatter cheese hous bagle

Created by: lovelifelive

  1. Do you spae out thinking of someone special?
  2. Do you often stare at the clouds thinking of someone?
  3. Do you like parodies
  4. Do you doodle hearts in note books and stuff?
  5. Do u get told off by the teacher a lot for not finishing your work?
  6. Do you listen 2 a lot of romantic songs?
  7. Can you not finish ur work?
  8. Y r u here ?
  9. Ru gonna comment
  10. First word in ur heads is....

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Quiz topic: Am I in love ?