are you in love ?

love... what a mysterious thig... first of alle, what is even love ? is it a beatiful fealing or exxtremely overrated ? are YOU in love ? do you think you are ?

This quiz may or may not help you find out.. it was in any way made very carefully and for your own entertainement ! if you know that you are in love without even having to take the quiz, go on and open your heart to your loved one ! in any way, have fun !

Created by: jeanne
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Did you took this quiz thinking about a special someone ?
  2. whant color of underwear are you currently wearing ?
  3. is it your first attempt on this quiz today ?
  4. what was your ost recent dream ? (pick the closest to reality)
  5. who do you generally hang out with ?
  6. have you ever questionned your sexuality ?
  7. ave you ever been in a relationship ? if yes, how long ?
  8. who ended your last relationship ?
  9. i have to put at least 12 questions but i'm done...
  10. let's just finish the quiz properly... how do you fell right now ?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love ?