Are you in love?

Many people dream of true love, while many avoid it, cringing at the thought. Many people deny their first love, and if you're 10 and under, you're first love is a hunky boy band dweller.

This quiz is the real deal. Are you in love? Or are you a poser teen trying to hide that, while all your friends are crushing and dating, you're not even thinking about that guy drawing you on his notebook. So ask yourself today-love-are you?

Created by: Brooke Madeline
  1. First and foremost, why are you taking this quiz?
  2. Do you think of Their name as you fall asleep at night?
  3. Do you want to be with Them?
  4. Are you the kind of person They usually go for?
  5. Would you ask Them out if it came to that?
  6. Do you try to impress Them?
  7. Are you going to be upset if you never get with Them??
  8. Are you in Middle School, High School, or College?
  9. So, do you think you're in love?
  10. Last question: are you thinking of Them when you're taking this quiz? Is that why you're here?

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Quiz topic: Am I in love?