Are you homosexual?

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This is a quiz that you can take if you're wondering if you're homosexual! Answer the questions with the answer that best suits you and see your result at the end!

Remember that this is just a small quiz and is not 100% accurate. But enjoy it and have fun and if you want you can do some research about your answer after.

Created by: Veay
  1. Do you think you're gay?
  2. Do you support the lgbtq+ community?
  3. Have you ever had thoughts of kissing the same gender?
  4. Do you feel like you would be happy getting married to the opposite gender?
  5. Did you ever have a crush on the same gender?
  6. Would you be ok with being homosexual?
  7. Would you care about what your friends,family ECT would think about you if you were homosexual?
  8. Do you have any lgbtq+ people who you're close with?
  9. How long have you felt that you might be homosexual?
  10. Do you feel excited to know your results?

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Quiz topic: Am I homosexual?