Are you her? The one for me?

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no one under 15 or over 20. This is not gibberish. If this is gibberish I will keep tying words to make this the most pointless thing ever. why wont this work?

Again, I'm 17. Answer the questions to what best describes who you are or what you would choose. Do not retake this quiz if you fail, because none of the results are interesting.

Created by: NitroSpeed

  1. First Question: In school, what group do you fit into?
  2. When I'm at a gathering, I tend to...
  3. Oh, by the way, that's my dog in the photo. What do you think?
  4. GET YOUR SILLY ON BECAUSE I JUST GOT BORED OF BEING SERIOUS! oh crap... which one should I choose to have someone win? :/
  5. Like helping others?
  6. It's Saturday, what do you plan on doing today?
  7. In a relationship I try to...
  9. When I have a good memory, I wish to share it with
  10. huh? oh, don't think I'ma be dating as soon as I find someone. Plenty of more tests to go (gotta make sure your "her")
  11. Ok, I just pushed you into the pool xD BWAHAHAHAHA! oh man, that was hilarious!
  12. Well, I hope you win! well.... not like... everyone, just if you are... her :| ..yeahh...... RESULTS!

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Quiz topic: Am I her? The one for me?