Are you her perfect man? (Guys only)

There are so many people who wonder about this simple question. Well I am here to provide my opinion on it and to shed light on this situation for you!

Well you keep asking yourselves this question. Well stop asking and just find out. Your nervous it natural just find out. Don't wait any longer boy bring it on

Created by: Countrygirlz

  1. Do you talk to her as much as possible?
  2. When you flirt, does she lean in close like she is trying to hear what your saying?
  3. When she text you back approximately how long does it take her?
  4. Have you two ever hung out alone kinda on a date?
  5. Has she ever tried to tease you or play with your hair?
  6. Has she told you she loves you?
  7. Does she show any type of affection when she is around you?
  8. Does she ask you a lot of questions about yourself?
  9. Do you show the same affection and treat her with respect?
  10. Now you better have answers these honestly, good Day to you sir..

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Quiz topic: Am I her perfect man? (Guys only)