What will you die from?

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We've all come across the question "how will I die?" at least one time in our lives. Well this quiz might just have the answer! Complete with 4 ways you can die!

This quiz is not meant to shed light upon death, but just a lighthearted assessment. I apologize if this quiz offends anyone in any manner. This is my 2nd quiz so go easy on me okay?

Created by: Sarah Cat
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  1. Do you spend a lot of time eating meat?
  2. Do you often try to fix things?
  3. Do you spend a lot of time on your phone?
  4. Are you on social media?
  5. Do you get Flu shots?
  6. How do your friends describe you?
  7. How's your money situation?
  8. Do you live in a stormy area?
  9. Do you love to eat?
  10. Meat with bones or boneless?

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Quiz topic: What will I die from?