Are you happy with yourself

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There are many people who are happy and sad. SOME don't know how they feel. They are sometimes sad of I don't know a close friend, a family member, a little pet. You probably need someone to talk to. :-)

Are you okay,happy,gloomy, well you will findout in a few minutes. Gloomy,don't know what to do but just moan in sad nest.... Happy, can't be still for a thing happy as a pig lol... Okay, just keeping it cool whatever... :-)

Created by: Raven The Demon
  1. Are you sad alot.
  2. Whats your favorite color? :-)
  3. What do you do for fun
  4. Fun question time do you like swimming
  5. Do you have a siblin
  6. Do want to know about me
  7. How do you feel about silly people
  8. Do you feel like you wanna fly, or do you wannna chill
  9. Do you love animals:-)
  10. I hope you had fun

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Quiz topic: Am I happy with myself