are you gross or not?

there are many dirty people, and many clean people, but are you one of them? you can guess or really see at this test if you want to. so. this test is just for fun!

are you dirty? Are you clean? are you brave enough to try to take this test? for only twelve questions? try now! just to remember this test is just for fun!

Created by: anj

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do you eat?
  2. do you pick your nose?
  3. how many times a week do you shower?
  4. what do you wear?
  5. do you wash your hands before you eat?
  6. do you ever put your hand in your garbadge?
  7. do you lick your fingers? after eating.
  8. do you burp alot?
  9. what is your favorite color? out of these choices.
  10. what kind of shoes do you have? this will not affect your score...

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Quiz topic: Am I gross or not?