Are you good, or evil?

This quiz will tell you weather your good, or evil. This quiz shows the true meaning of good and evil, and is a recommended quiz for people who want to find out who they really are inside.

Being good does not necessarily mean being beautiful, it means having something to fight for, being selfless, and having friends to rely on, which is what good cannot live without. Evil means that you are unique and work better on your own. Have fun taking this quiz!

Created by: Leila Steingold

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  1. Do you prefer to work alone, or with your friends on a school project?
  2. Do you plan on getting married/Falling in love?
  3. Do you prefer parties, or sitting at home and doing something by yourself?
  4. Do you have a crush?
  5. Do you rely on your friends for help and support?
  6. Do you rely on your parents?
  7. Do you feel comfortable around people?
  8. You are at a new school, how do you feel?
  9. How do you feel about your future?
  10. And finally, How do you feel about guests in your house?

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Quiz topic: Am I good, or evil?