What side is your EVIL side?

Many are evil. It's good to be evil. It's like your in your mom (terrible wording XD) and before your born, god puts elements in you. A type of good, and blah blah blah. The devil puts evil and bad and negative in you. It's not bad! It's aye-okay see what type of evil you have with this quiz.

There's 3 types of evil; pure evil which means your evil inside and out. You are very evil. Your a lier, I don't think that's quite "evil" though! Or you could like demons. That's a evil type twice removed (of course now it's not removed. I'm such a evil expert!) take this quiz and see what type YOU are. Xo, Evillishush. My dream name.

Created by: EvilAnna

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What gender are you?
  2. Hi. I'm Anna.
  3. My name isn't actually Anna I made that name up 'cause there's evil (as in wanna kid nap me) people on the internet
  4. Demon! Run!
  5. Call me Evey Evil. I like that name wnd I wish that was my name.
  6. what is your gender?
  7. Again, what's your gender?
  8. I kept asking your gender because I can't think of other questions and I have to have 12. Favorite candy?
  9. There's somebody on the internet that's a cyber bully. Do you ACTUALLY do what your suppose to do when there's a cyber bully or fight back?
  10. Last question. IF YOUR A BOY, DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON ME?

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Quiz topic: What side is my EVIL side?