Are you good or bad girl?

i decided to make the quiz are you good or bad girl because it was an iteresting name and it seemed like a great topic to discuss. it is fun and people learn new things like i did and it is just a fun quiz to take and read about so ENJOY!!!

i was motivated by my cousin because im a good girl but my cousin is a bad one and she me to told me to make this quiz so thats why im making and writing to you why i made the quiz so like i said in the pargrah befor ENJOY TAKING IT!!!!

Created by: nyrah of
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. you hit peole for no reason when they do nothing to you
  2. do you get good grades
  3. do you get yelled at
  4. do you do what you want
  5. dol you pick on your little brother
  6. do you get hit because your bad
  7. do you break everything in your house
  8. do you hang out with the wrong people
  9. do you like a person
  10. if you like a person what does his name start with

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Quiz topic: Am I good or bad girl?