are you good or bad

there are lots of bad people but there are lots of good people as well and I want to know who is good or bad because some of you bad people really make me so angry.

are you good or are you a bad person do you have what it takes to show your true colors or will you run away like a coward it all depends on you good luck.

Created by: zerojoshua

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  1. do you help the elderly or do you watch the elderly suffer
  2. do you help kids or hurt them
  3. do you steal from people
  4. if you found out your friend was being bullied by one of your other friends what would you do
  5. would you hurt your brothers/sisters
  6. would you tell a kid it's ok to hurt people
  7. do you want your parents to get hurt
  8. would you smash a kids toy
  9. do you hate people who love the suffering of others
  10. did you like my quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I good or bad