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  • Im good which is true I donated lots of my time to help others love everybody and believe that god jesus and love is the true meaning of life and that Satan is that one ad on tv thats a scam. Im not saying that Im a saint either and I do make my fair share of mistakes like the rest of you but I believe good is the true way of life.

  • I'm neutral. How true.

    Although I will always pick justice and morals first, if someone pisses me off... well...

    ...mwa ha ha...

  • Neutral. Not surprising. I think I'm fianlly figuring out who I am...

  • I may be neutral but i wont hesitate to f*** someone up mwahahaha

  • i got neutral its excactly like me

    shadow hedgehog
  • yaaaaaay!!! Im evil! Muwahahahaaaaa!

    Evelyn Waters

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